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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month!

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Celebrate Parkinson's Awareness Month and Support IPF by helping us raise a total of $8,500 to fund 3 projects!

Project 1: Help us send Kim Williams to Ann Arbor!


Help us send Kim Williams, trainer for The CLIMB in Noblesville, to Ann Arbor for a Parkinson's Wellness Recovery! (PWR!) training in May. The PWR! Training program uses evidence-based research to improve daily functionality of people with Parkinson's. Kim's dedication as a trainer has led her to seek more training to better serve people with Parkinson's. Her training will benefit the overall CLIMB program adding more depth to our training programs for licensed locations as well as to our exercise classes at Noblesville.

Project 2: Help us develop Creative Arts Therapies this Summer!


Just a few weeks ago, the Michael J Fox Foundation released a blog entry about the benefits of arts for people with Parkinson's and their caregivers. Indiana Parkinson Foundation is working to partner with community experts to bring arts experiences to our Parkinson's Community. In one collaboration, we are working with Juliet King of IUPUI's Herron School of Art, to develop an Art Therapy class for the Summer. We believe that incorporating Creative Arts Therapies into our programming will help us better serve Hoosiers with Parkinson's. Support this project today!

Project 3: Support of General Operating Fund as we Grow and Improve!


The Indiana Parkinson Foundation is only made possible by the dedicated support of people like you. The past year has brought us exciting accomplishments as we have launched new locations for The CLIMB, recruited high quality trainers, and begun to reach more people with Parkinson's through our programs. Help us keep our momentum by supporting our General Operating Fund!

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