Meet KateKate Lineback

Indiana Parkinson Foundation began as our family's hope and dream to actively support Dad...and has grown into a source of hope to many others with Parkinson's. What was meant to show love and support to one has become so much more--love and support to all who walk through the doors. Our humble, grassroots beginning was just the open door that God used to reach many in and beyond the state of Indiana who struggle with this thief we call Parkinson's Disease. The people we see on a daily basis are holding their heads a little higher, smiling a little bigger, and speaking a little louder because they are not alone, and they have hope. My prayer is that IPF will continue to remain true to its values and ideals, and see more and more people with Parkinson's Disease not have to travel that road alone. As we wait in expectation for a cure, IPF will continue to serve people with Parkinson's--mind, body, and soul.

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